learning music
Think about how music makes you feel. Some music gets you excited and gives you energy, while other music can […]
Tax season is enough to make anyone cringe. Add in changes to the child tax credit, and it can become […]
Going back to work after having a baby isn’t easy. Learning to adjust to taking care of this precious new […]
close up of a kid playing a guitar
Music is powerful when it comes to emotions. From provoking emotion to expressing emotion, music is amazing. When we’re happy, […]
Dancing is a great activity for kids because it keeps them moving and can help them to get all of […]
The nation is celebrating Black History Month during February. Children across the country are learning more about the many contributions […]
sign language
Communication can be difficult for hearing-impaired children. This is why learning ASL (American Sign Language) can help them. It can […]
Music can do wonders to improve our mood, but did you know it can also provide a brain boost, especially […]